Thursday, June 2, 2011

You know it's a bad day when ...

You know he's having a bad day when a person ....

---leads the police on a merry chase, then climbs up on the roof and pelts them with tiles

---steals a computer which photographs him in his car and sends pictures to the owner

---posts a threat to the chief of police on Craigslist over a traffic ticket

Diamonds aren't the only thing that lasts forever. Greenburgh, New York thinks traffic tickets do. A new court administrator found thousands of open tickets, some from the 1990s. The town is trying to collect on those from issued in 2000 and later.

Some people are complaining they already paid the tickets 11 years ago. But they can't prove it--who keeps records that long? (Well, probably my dad.) They may be right. A town that can sit on all those tickets for so long might be a little sloppy in connecting payments too.

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