Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cop GETS ticket. What's the world coming to???

Yes, police officers do get tickets (sometimes). One officer totaled his police cruiser while making an improper U-turn. He was cited. No word on whether the guy he was chasing got away or not.

In one Georgia county traffic tickets issued are down 27% due to budget constraints.

More ways not to get out of a ticket:
  • pretending you're a police officer and trying to get the ticket waived.

  • using your brother's ID
  • Each charge on a Tennessee ticket will cost you $13.75 extra if you pay before the appearance date.

    Is all your traffic citation money going to a good cause? Maybe. A Georgia courthouse noticed some of that money was missing. They suspect a (now former) employee with 24 years on the job. No charges have been filed.

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