The Six Steps

1. Handling the stop. How do you talk to the officer without killing your chances in court? What off the wall things have gotten people out of tickets?

2. The decision. Is it worth fighting? Would it be easier to go to traffic school?

3. Getting ready. How to research like you were in law school. There are 8 defenses (5 good, 3 oh boy). Should I try the continuation gambit? Mail trial? Is the uncashed check story true? Spying.

4. How to behave in a courtroom. What to wear. Where not to walk.

5. The Day. The trial. How to ask questions. What not to do if the judge suspends your license.

6. Aftercare. The stuff you have to take care if you win. Deciding whether or not to appeal if you lose.

--from How to Beat a Traffic Ticket: The Six Steps Guide. Available for Kindle and Nook. Or instant PDF download Buy Now. Just 99 cents.