Myths about Traffic Tickets

If the officer doesn't remember me, my traffic ticket gets dismissed.

What did you say to your co-worker at 10:15 am 37 days ago? Don't remember?

The court doesn't expect the officer to remember you or that you were wearing a white shirt with red piping.

The rules of evidence allow the officer to "refresh his memory" (wink wink) by looking at the ticket.

I had to speed to avoid an accident.

Popular on the Internet as a defense.

In reality, ask about traffic school. Maybe if the TV helicopter has video of you zipping out of the way as two huge semis collide and explode, this will work.

My speedometer was broken.

So get it fixed.

The cop got my hair color wrong on the ticket. The court has to dismiss my traffic ticket.

The ticket is really a notice to you to appear in court to address certain charges. So the cop can get a whole lot wrong and the ticket will still fly.

I mail in my fine but pay a little too much. The court sends me a refund. I never cash it. The case is never closed so no point goes on my record.

Government is not quite that dysfunctional. The first flaw is to think they'll bother sending you a refund.

No front license plate means red light camera and radar won't work.

Not true.

Image courtesy of Daniel St.Pierre

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