Saturday, June 18, 2011

Florida city refunds red light camera fines

Pembroke Pines, Florida jumped into the red light traffic camera business a little early--before state law authorized participation. So they're refunding about 3,000 fines for tickets issued prior to July 1, 2010. Lest you think the city thought of this on its own, the refunds are the result of a lawsuit. The city admits no fault.

The Los Angeles City Council put off re-authorizing red light ticket cameras. Concerns that the program (sold as a moneymaker) actually costs the city are being weighed against an apparent reduction in accidents. One council member says there is no enforcement mechanism. He apparently believes the court cannot issue a warrant if you fail to pay the ticket received in the mail.

The city of Windcrest, Texas (population 5,600) is getting serious about warrants. They've got a little over 9,000 open cases from the last 11 years. On the last Monday and Tuesday of June, they're sending 8 officers out to homes, offices and schools to click and book. If the arrestee can't make bail (at $200 per violation), it's off to the county jail. (By the way, all cattle brand registrations in the county expire August 30 so be sure and get those taken care of.)

A police chief has been charged with receiving extra, unearned money for his Pennsylvania department. He allegedly filed inflated overtime and traffic ticket figures.. (It is unclear whether he is still in that position.)

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