Saturday, June 11, 2011

100,000 tickets found & California changes traffic school

We reported June 2 that Greenburgh, NY is unearthing tickets from as far back as 2000 and charging people.

We didn't report that they'd reportedly discovered 100,000 misplaced tickets because we didn't believe it. But here's another report that says, indeed, the court found that many tickets "crammed into cabinets and buried in corners".

This town of 86,764 was apparently losing almost 25 tickets a day for 11 years. Surely somebody in all that time came in, wondering what happened to their ticket?

Traffic school in California will no longer keep a point off your DMV record as of July 1. The ticket will still be hidden from insurance. Ouch.

Apple no longer accepts DUI checkpoint apps for sale on its Iphone. It's hard to believe that someone checks his Iphone for DUI spots before choosing where to drink. Or that afterwards, she's sharp enough to review the DUI app.

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