Wrong Way

Here are some ways to beat a traffic ticket. Not recommended!

No front license plate. Nothing for radar or camera to catch. Turns out this is a separate offense in many states--and causes no problems for radar or camera.

Waiting 37 years to go to court on your traffic ticket. Worked for this guy, though. He ended up paying $100. Guess, at 60, he wanted to clean things up.

Slipping the court janitor twenty bucks to make your traffic citation go away. One guy claims this worked.

Making a fake 911 call so the cop runs off to take care of that. Sadly for the driver, the officer knew how to hit star 69 to see who called 911.

Trying to bribe the cop. Yeah, it's been tried. "Bribery" doesn't look good as an additional charge.

Offering sexual favors. It didn't work in Cannonball Run and it's still a risky move on the real road.

Trying to ran your car into the cop. Might be good for an insanity defense though.

Photo Blocker Spray. Supposed to make your license plate blurry to red light cameras. About half the users say it doesn't work.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono