Saturday, July 30, 2011

Huge city kills red light cameras

Red Light Cameras Gone

The second largest city in the US, Los Angeles, votes to remove red light cameras. Contrary to claims the system generated revenue, officials found the cameras were a net loss to the city.

Odd Traffic Stops

A woman in California got a ticket for wearing sunglasses. The officer thought they impaired her peripheral vision.

A Virginia woman gets a ticket and then runs over the cop's foot. Though injured, the officer manages to flag her down a second time. The driver is taken to jail.

Appealing is technical

A Pennsylvania driver appealed his conviction for possessing what the appellate court termed "prohibited vegetation."

But that court couldn't address any of his 12 points because he had failed to include "the transcript of the de novo hearing." Many legal rules are ignored at a traffic ticket trial. Not so when you appeal.

Traffic amnesty

Ticket amnesty for 6 months in the District of Columbia. If you got it before January 1, 2010, you can take care of it now without the late fees. Their last amnesty was 10 years ago.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Light Lotto

A new law in Arizona reportedly changes the wording on red light photo tickets to say you don't need to respond. This kind of dings the safety argument.

Now it's just a lottery to see how people will write a check (make a donation?) without reading the notice.

9 Months

It takes 9 months to fight a traffic ticket in Los Angeles. With upcoming budget cuts, it will take even longer.


You can't text while driving in Wisconsin, as of last December.

Can a card save you from a ticket?

Get a PBA card and you'll never get a ticket, this web site says. Supposedly this is a card from the police union handed out to families and friends. Reportedly, a cop is less likely to write a ticket to a family member or friend of a fellow officer.

My friend Bill didn't get the memo. He pulls over a car and a cop flashes his badge through the window. Bill tells him to roll down the window. Cop doesn't. Bill goes back to his motorcycle and gets one of those really long flashlights. Bang. No more window.

(The driver complained. The driver's sergeant told him he should have lowered the window.)

Some people can't take a joke

Creative financing hasn't hit the courts. A Mississippi man gets a speeding ticket. Judge tells him it's $171.50, you've got 60 days to pay. About a week later, allegedly, the court receives a promissory note for $175 redeemable at the US Treasury.

In my court, we would have laughed and filed it. Instead, he's under indictment in federal court--$25,000 bail and a possible 55 years prison sentence.


Monday, July 18, 2011

DMVs using facial recognition software

At least 34 states use facial recognition software. This scans drivers license photos looking for duplicates and possible terrorists.

The problem, as one Massachusetts man discovered, is false positives. The computer thought he looked liked somebody else. Without any hearing or fact finding, the Registry of Motor Vehicles revoked his license. Ten days of fighting later, he's OK to drive again. (Law suiting pending.)

No matter where you get a ticket in South Carolina, you can pay it in one place. The state site now takes those payments.

When you're carrying drugs, drive carefully. A woman, stopped for weaving in traffic, was subsequently arrested when 2 syringes (one in plain sight) and a baggie of heroin were allegedly discovered.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't tear up that traffic ticket--just wait till it expires (?)

What not to do after getting tickets--one guy got several tickets. As he drove off, he tossed the traffic tickets out the window. Ignoring the First Amendment protected speech implications, the cop pulled him over again and wrote a fourth ticket--for littering.

An Oklahoma legislator is promoting a bill which would put a 5 year limit on traffic tickets. If the driver avoids getting pulled over for that time (and going to jail for the warrant), the ticket would go away.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Marshal selling 1/2 price tickets?

One Connecticut marshal allegedly approached defendants and offered to "fix" their tickets at half price, cash. When given the money, he pleaded "nolle" for them.

Since prosecutors claim he pocketed the cash and pleading nolo contendre doesn't normally make the fine go away, it's unclear what happened to the cases. The marshal's attorney intends to contest the charges.

If you get an email from New York saying here's a traffic ticket, delete it. The state troopers say they don't send you traffic tickets electronically. Their lab is analyzing the ticket the email wants you to download.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cops tackle man trying to turn off stove

An Ontario, Canada man says he asked the officer writing the ticket to follow him the short distance home so he could turn off a boiling pot on the stove. He also wanted to check on his severely disabled daughter. The cop refused.

When the man drove home anyway, the police allegedly tackled the 68 year old on his front lawn. (Then an officer went inside to turn off the stove.)

They take their law enforcement seriously up north. Though it was never like that on Due South.

In California, drivers by themselves in hydrid cars have been allowed to use the carpool lane for 7 years. That ended on July 1.

A West Palm Beach police chief and a Palm Beach sheriff commander are under investigaton for canceling traffic tickets. Reportedly, only the issuing
officer can do that in Florida.

Hale Center, Texas is looking to round up almost $100,000 in unpaid tickets, some 5 years old. The cops are knocking on doors. Windcrest, 450 miles to the south, is doing much the same thing.

What's the most common traffic violation? Speeding? Red light? Police in Ohio Valley say in their neck of the woods it's driving without a license.

Cities sure need money. In one Tennessee town, the collection agency for unpaid traffic tickets supposedly got the wrong file. 4,000 people who'd already paid up got collection notices.

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