Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday stories from around the web

No front license plate means the radar has nothing to read and the red light camera has nothing to photograph. A reader at this site says a recent AOL article made these claims. The column's author, apparently a cop, says radar and cameras work really well even with the front plate gone.

Her fix it ticket went from $25 to $911 when she didn't take care of it and she's upset. Uh, lady, you're lucky you weren't stopped again and arrested. Courts don't like being ignored.

This site claims to provide a free database of speed traps in North America. All verified (how do they do that?) Registration required.

Officer gets this guy twice for running stop signs in Miami (same officer). The writer is worried because he can't appear in court to defend himself--he lives in Europe. Hey, the extradition treaty probably doesn't cover stop signs. Of course, if you ever want to come back here ....

Her roommate's boyfriend told her Arizona would not put a point on her record for speeding if she just paid the fine. Good luck on that one.

I couldn't make this stuff up. A lady here wants to know if she goes to trial, can the judge find her guilty? Uh, he's not selling Avon from the bench.

When you want the real information, check out How to Beat a Traffic Ticket: The Six Steps Guide. Available for Kindle and Nook. Just 99 cents.

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