Friday, April 22, 2011

2 new ways to beat a traffic ticket (?)

New ways to beat a ticket:

  • A 60 year old Rhode Island man asked a judge to dismiss a traffic ticket received when he was 23. The judge granted the request. The man paid $100.

  • One gentleman claims he got a traffic citation taken care of in Chicago by slipping the court janitor $20. Obviously a while ago. While I'm not recommeding the method, it does go to show it's who you know.

  • Cadets in an Indiana training class were warned people who exit cars at traffic stops are trying to hide something. So don't get the officer excited--stay in the car.

    You've heard the warnings. Don't drive through high water--you don't know how deep it is. In Athens County, GA, there's another reason: they'll write you a traffic ticket.

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