Monday, September 12, 2011

New York playing big silent type

Out of State Tickets

An attorney says a Floridian driving in New York will not have a ticket reported to her home state. He may be right. But New York would report more serious offenses (DUI) to Florida.

Generally, though, most states report traffic violations to the home state under the Driver License Compact.. There's a catchy motto: "One Driver, One License, One Record."

Noise Ticket

One poster on Yahoo Answers thinks he can beat his noise ticket because the officer didn't have any measuring equipment. This guy should read the ordinance.

But it's likely the judge is going to rate the officer's testimony as expert opinion. Wish cops wrote more noise tickets in my town.

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  1. Your evidence must be strong enough to wave the ticket.

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  2. Keep in mind that New York has its own little system though. The NY DMV keeps has a history of offenses committed in the state of New York for all motorists, whether you have a New York license, out of state, out of country, or even no license at all.

    Something called the Driver Responsibility Program provides for penalties when you or I accumulate a certain amount of points or commit certain types of offenses within an 18-month window.

    Once you hit 6 points in 18 months (date of the violation), you will have to pay NY DMV a special assessment fee (minimum $300.00). And, as I mentioned, this applies to you whether you have a Florida license or New York or none at all.

    Failure to pay a fine or this Assessment fee can result in the suspension of your license in New York and your home state. In any case, your best bet is to consult with an attorney first to understand your options.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this information. I have received some traffic tickets in my life. I feel like the more I do what is right, the harder it is not to get a ticket.