Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Light Lotto

A new law in Arizona reportedly changes the wording on red light photo tickets to say you don't need to respond. This kind of dings the safety argument.

Now it's just a lottery to see how people will write a check (make a donation?) without reading the notice.

9 Months

It takes 9 months to fight a traffic ticket in Los Angeles. With upcoming budget cuts, it will take even longer.


You can't text while driving in Wisconsin, as of last December.

Can a card save you from a ticket?

Get a PBA card and you'll never get a ticket, this web site says. Supposedly this is a card from the police union handed out to families and friends. Reportedly, a cop is less likely to write a ticket to a family member or friend of a fellow officer.

My friend Bill didn't get the memo. He pulls over a car and a cop flashes his badge through the window. Bill tells him to roll down the window. Cop doesn't. Bill goes back to his motorcycle and gets one of those really long flashlights. Bang. No more window.

(The driver complained. The driver's sergeant told him he should have lowered the window.)

Some people can't take a joke

Creative financing hasn't hit the courts. A Mississippi man gets a speeding ticket. Judge tells him it's $171.50, you've got 60 days to pay. About a week later, allegedly, the court receives a promissory note for $175 redeemable at the US Treasury.

In my court, we would have laughed and filed it. Instead, he's under indictment in federal court--$25,000 bail and a possible 55 years prison sentence.


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