Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cops tackle man trying to turn off stove

An Ontario, Canada man says he asked the officer writing the ticket to follow him the short distance home so he could turn off a boiling pot on the stove. He also wanted to check on his severely disabled daughter. The cop refused.

When the man drove home anyway, the police allegedly tackled the 68 year old on his front lawn. (Then an officer went inside to turn off the stove.)

They take their law enforcement seriously up north. Though it was never like that on Due South.

In California, drivers by themselves in hydrid cars have been allowed to use the carpool lane for 7 years. That ended on July 1.

A West Palm Beach police chief and a Palm Beach sheriff commander are under investigaton for canceling traffic tickets. Reportedly, only the issuing
officer can do that in Florida.

Hale Center, Texas is looking to round up almost $100,000 in unpaid tickets, some 5 years old. The cops are knocking on doors. Windcrest, 450 miles to the south, is doing much the same thing.

What's the most common traffic violation? Speeding? Red light? Police in Ohio Valley say in their neck of the woods it's driving without a license.

Cities sure need money. In one Tennessee town, the collection agency for unpaid traffic tickets supposedly got the wrong file. 4,000 people who'd already paid up got collection notices.

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Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn

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