Saturday, July 30, 2011

Huge city kills red light cameras

Red Light Cameras Gone

The second largest city in the US, Los Angeles, votes to remove red light cameras. Contrary to claims the system generated revenue, officials found the cameras were a net loss to the city.

Odd Traffic Stops

A woman in California got a ticket for wearing sunglasses. The officer thought they impaired her peripheral vision.

A Virginia woman gets a ticket and then runs over the cop's foot. Though injured, the officer manages to flag her down a second time. The driver is taken to jail.

Appealing is technical

A Pennsylvania driver appealed his conviction for possessing what the appellate court termed "prohibited vegetation."

But that court couldn't address any of his 12 points because he had failed to include "the transcript of the de novo hearing." Many legal rules are ignored at a traffic ticket trial. Not so when you appeal.

Traffic amnesty

Ticket amnesty for 6 months in the District of Columbia. If you got it before January 1, 2010, you can take care of it now without the late fees. Their last amnesty was 10 years ago.

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