Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Speed limit 85 miles per hour?

Texas is thinking of raising the speed limit on some roads to 85 miles per hour. Texas, along with Utah, already has the highest speed limit in the nation--80 mph. 33 other states have top limits between 70 and 79.

Second chance ignored. Gwinnett County, Georgia offered people with traffic warrants the opportunity to pay their fines without additional penalties, cancelling their warrants. The offenders weren't impressed and participation was minimal.

If you get a traffic citation, do it in Baltimore. 83 year old guy allegedly runs into a 20 year old bicyclist. The victim has "catastrophic brain injuires". The driver is going to jail, probably prison, right?

Nope. In Baltimore, she got 2 traffic tickets. Her maximum criminal exposure is $1,000 and points on her driving record. No word on whether she's going to traffic school.

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