Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't wait until you see the judge

Hit 'em with a subpoena

See the officer's paperwork for the first time in court, this attorney apparently suggests. Maybe that works for someone with his experience. But you don't have that. You're going to need time to examine and evaluate. The judge, with a packed courtroom, isn't going to give you many seconds.

The better way: get a subpoena duces tecum served on the custodian of records for whatever paperwork or video you're looking for. Do this long before trial. Check with the clerk's office for the form and local rules.

Tearing up the ticket didn't work

Guy is idling his car on the street in front of his house. Court writes him a ticket.

Guy tears the ticket up and throws it at the officer
. Cop arrests the guy.

On what charge is uncertain. While technically throwing the paper at the officer is an assault and battery, it seems sort of wussy for the officer to pursue it. (You can imagine his sergeant asking, "Gee, you had confetti coming at you. Why didn't you shoot him?")

At this point, the family piles out of the house and attacks the officer, Mom jumping onto his back.

What happened to the cop saying "Have a nice day" and driving away?

Can you beat this? She's gotten 45 tickets.

A Pennsylvania woman was pulled over for allegedly passing a school bus. The officer determined she was driving on a license suspended 5 years ago and had 45 outstanding traffic tickets. She received 30 days jail time.

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