Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be careful out there.

Two goals in a traffic stop

Be very careful around police officers. Most are good people. But in 2006, three Portland, Oregon cops allegedly beat a man to death (his ribs were broken in 27 places.) Nobody lost his job over the "incident."

This July in Fullerton, California, six officers reportedly did the same thing. It took almost a month for the department to put the cops involved on administrative leave. As the father of the Fullerton victim noted, if I'd killed a man like that, I'd be so far behind bars, you couldn't find me.

In 2010, the US Department of Justice brought 52 criminal civil rights cases against cops--the most in the ten years they've been keeping track.

You have 2 goals in a traffic stop:

(1) not saying anything the officer can use against you in court

(2) getting away (alive) as quickly as possible.

It's not who you know--it's who you are

Glancing out the window of a New York restaurant, singer Aretha Franklin noticed her car being given a parking ticket. Rushing out, she was able to trade a song (and autographed envelope) for no ticket.

In New Jersey, TV star Mike Sorrentino (Jersey Shore) got out of a ticket after giving the cop an autograph. The officer may face discipline for letting Sorrentino go.

You think you've got problems?

One woman has a 30 years old phone number. Then the courthouse added a phone number--one digit off from hers. She's fielding hundreds of misdialed calls. When she put a message on the answering machine saying she's not the court, people left messages anyway.


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