Monday, May 16, 2011

Pitfalls of community service to pay off a fine

A six month payment plan or community service help people deal with traffic fines in some Florida courts.

Unfortunately, each hour of service knocks only $7.25 off the fine. So a $300 ticket takes more than a full-time week to work off.

60 Minutes aired a segment on the sovereign citizen movement. Though I have no connections with either side, the reporting seemed less than objective.

We had people like the sovereign citizens come into the courthouse on traffic tickets. They claimed the court had no jurisdiction over them.

The court disagreed.

60 Minutes never explained what the movement believes or what percentage of adherents fit the crazy, murderous profile the broadcast painted. (It never dawned on the reporter that, to the British, George Washington looked a lot like a 'sovereign citizen'.)

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan

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