Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cops admit quota

Each Gary, Indiana police officer is required to write 10 traffic tickets per shift.

Oddly, the police department's web site is down. Guess they're not taking any questions on this one.

The department has 296 officers. Supposing that 1/2 of them are out there writing traffic tickets on any given day, that's 1,480 tickets a day. Do that year round and it's 540,200 tickets. The problem is, Gary only has 80,294 people.

So either every woman, man and child in Gary gets almost 7 traffic tickets a year or tourists watch out!

At least one prosecutor believes this is going to make it tough to get jurors to believe cops on criminal trials. You think??

Lila, in this Sunday comic is looking for a traffic ticket.

People start lining up at 5 am to get into the Alameda, California courthouse.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden

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